About Us

I am so excited that you have made it to our page. I'm Rachel, the owner of Hair Addict Online. 
I started Hair Addict after a year of researching hair for myself. After getting so many questions about where I was getting my hair from, I realized that other women, just like me, had a need for quality to hair and was having a hard time finding. After hearing countless horror stories and having a couple myself, I decided to launch my own Hair Brand
In starting Hair Addict, I wanted to make sure women could trust that they were getting what was promised. I have worked with dozens of suppliers yo make sure that we only sourced the best. Which is why we feel confident and can  offer a 100% RAW & Virgin hair GUARANTEE, A Post-Installation Guarantee and because we have been in the hair game so long, we are confident that your RAW VIRGIN HAIR  (with proper care can and will last you up to 5 years).