Is 8A, 9A or 10 A the best hair grade?

If I gave you a choice between 8A virgin hair and 10A virgin hair, which one would you choose? ....... 99.9% of the time most customers would say10A without question.   The higher the number, must mean the higher the grade...right? Well, unfortunately the honest truth is, N-O. via GIPHY When I started selling hair 7 years ago, the highest hair grade was 5A and there were three types of hair; virgin (raw hair), remy (cuticle hair but steamed) or non-remy (mixed hair, no …
9th Jun 2017

Hair under there - 4 Steps to taking care of you hair while wearing a weave

Shh...I have a secret.....I don't love dealing with my own hair. I would be the first to admit, one of the main reasons I love wearing weaves and wigs is it gives both me and my natural hair a much needed break from the daily washing, de-tangling etc.  One of the challenges of wearing my natural hair is the unpredictability of what my morning routine will result in. Will my wash and go look more like a wash and no, will my natural flat ironed hair revert with residual steam from t …
21st Nov 2014